Sunday, 25 March 2012

Basics of Fashion

There might be many students out there who might be wondering what he or she must wear to look cool or fashionable ? 
Guys keep in mind that being authentic and being yourself is the key to be noticed in the society. Do not look at others and adopt their lifestyles and fashion sense because every one including you have have a certain view towards fashion which is surely different than others.Try to improve and nurture your own fashion skills.Be creative and think of different combinations of clothes and accessories which you like.Never stop experimenting.Always welcome suggestions from the opposite sex. And in fashion there are no rules and there is no definition of perfect fashion.But keep in mind about some do's and dont's while experimenting.Be sure that you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing because when you feel comfortable you will always be able to carry yourself nicely and you would have good attitude.

In my next blog i will mention some do's and dont's about fashion..

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