Thursday, 29 March 2012

Do's and Dont's about fashion this Spring/Summer

There are many people who overdo when it come to fashion and mess it up...
This list of Do's and Dont's will surely help you to improve your fashion sense..


  •   Wear Light :   

     The basic rule during spring/summer when it comes to clothing is that always wear light colors.Basically light color clothing reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the clothes from the sun during daytime.This reduces perspiration and you will be able to stay comfortable and look fresh..


  •   Thumbs Up For Shorts :

    Shorts tend to overtake jeans during summer. Shorts help you stay cool during hot weather. Opt for some olive, khaki or a navy blue colored short. Flat-front short looks good with a short sleeve button-downed shirt or a tee.

  •    Flip-Flop's :

    Summer is the right time to show off your feet.During summer wearing a shoe can get a little tough due to the sweat factor.So surely invest in a pair of good flip-flop's.Keep in mind to buy flip-flop's that fit your feet because too large one's are susceptible to make you look dumb.Wipe the flip-flop's with a damp cloth after every time you use them.I recommend diabetic person's not to wear Flip-flop's.  
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  •   Wrinkle it up :

    Never wear perfectly ironed clothes on casual outings.Always remember to wrinkle up your shirt or tee a bit.But remember  not to overdo it because you do not want to look shabby and hazy.
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  Wrinkling Overdone.


  •  Dont Wear Leather Stuff :        

    As its already going to be warm during day time never ever even dare to wear a leather jacket in which you will be uncomfortable.Leather jackets are better when worn during winter.



  • Dont Wear Skinny Jeans :

    This summer the skinny jeans go out.Wear something that fits you.Nothing too bulky nor too tight.
    The skinny jeans bring along with them some health risks.Studies suggest they may also be one of the reasons for infertility among men.

  • Never Be A Brand Freak :

    Never ever think that wearing a branded tee or a shirt instantly makes you look good.Try clothes having good quality and which really look good rather than those that have nothing on them except the brand name printed.There are many on the streets who wear the A.Fitch and the American Eagles.But these are common things and if you too start wearing such stuff you too will belong to the crowd and not be able to stand out from the crowd.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Basics of Fashion

There might be many students out there who might be wondering what he or she must wear to look cool or fashionable ? 
Guys keep in mind that being authentic and being yourself is the key to be noticed in the society. Do not look at others and adopt their lifestyles and fashion sense because every one including you have have a certain view towards fashion which is surely different than others.Try to improve and nurture your own fashion skills.Be creative and think of different combinations of clothes and accessories which you like.Never stop experimenting.Always welcome suggestions from the opposite sex. And in fashion there are no rules and there is no definition of perfect fashion.But keep in mind about some do's and dont's while experimenting.Be sure that you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing because when you feel comfortable you will always be able to carry yourself nicely and you would have good attitude.

In my next blog i will mention some do's and dont's about fashion..